Friday, December 23, 2011

Healthy Winter

Staying well with tips from Farmers and Friends:
I've been fortunate throughout my life to come across many interesting and knowledgeable people.
I've always loved how life seems to bring these people in and out of my life, and lately they've made their way back round again. So without further adieu let me introduce you to the people at Stone Barns Center. I can't say enough about these beautiful people and the work they do. They not only produce nutrient dense food for their local market but help train and educate the up and coming farmers of the future. This blog isn't long enough to list all the great things that Stone Barns does so check them out at  So in keeping with the theme of this blog for today here's a recipe from Stone Barns for overall respiratory health throughout the winter months.
Most recently my wonderful husband has been coming home from the library, yes library, with issues of Mother Earth News magazine which has encouraged us to plan for a future of solar power, beekeeping, composting, animal husbandry... you name it, it's on our list. If you haven't checked this magazine out online, on Facebook or in the flesh (in print) do so, you'll be glad you did. Here's a few helpful hints from them about staying well during these months where most of us tend to stay inside more than we would like. Basic rules of good hygiene wash the hands sort of stuff but also some helpful herbal remedies as well. Check it out here
Enjoy and all the best for a Healthy Year to come!
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